Speaking up with the Voice of Mental Health Service Users
covering Thanet, Ashford, Dover, Deal and Sandwich.

Our Latest News and Events

World Mental Health Day Event
Thursday 10th October, 10.30am to 2.30pm

This year SpeakUpCIC have organised an event in partnership with Richmond Fellowship which will be held on their premises: 17 St. Johns Road, Margate, CT9 1LU. This event will incorporate activities, workshops and talks relating to this year's theme " Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention ", focusing on the element of kindness in relation to people supporting each other.
Full details will be circulated shortly but if anyone would like further information contact SpeakUpCIC office 01843 448384

Mental Health Summit
Thursday 19th September at the Margate Winter Gardens

Mental Health Public Meeting
Friday 27thSeptember, 6.30 to 8.30pm
Comfort Inn Hotel, Ramsgate

Following on from the previous meeting (19th July), Counsellor Karen Constantine has organised another meeting where the public can air their views and concerns to a panel including representatives from the Thanet CCG, KMPT and Thanet South MP.

What You Are Saying

  • I sometimes find it hard to talk,
    but so much easier when I go on our walk.
    We do our seaside walk each week,
    and everyone gets a chance to speak.
    So come along if you’re feeling down
    Don’t sit alone wearing a frown.
    Les, Margate
  • it was clear I had found somewhere I was free to be myself
    Scott, Margate
  • Cheer up be positive, winter will cease and Spring will arrive. With a spring in our step, the sun will lift depression, and we all come together, and help each other, don’t be alone, friendships can solve the problems.
    David D, Broadstairs
  • I used to feel lost and alone. Then I joined Maggie’s group and everyone there made me feel at home.
  • They are the nicest people in the world.
    Hazel, Margate