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Speaking up with the Voice of Mental Health Service Users
covering Thanet, Ashford, Dover and Deal

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What You Are Saying

  • I sometimes find it hard to talk,
    but so much easier when I go on our walk.
    We do our seaside walk each week,
    and everyone gets a chance to speak.
    So come along if you’re feeling down
    Don’t sit alone wearing a frown.
    Les, Margate
  • it was clear I had found somewhere I was free to be myself
    Scott, Margate
  • Cheer up be positive, winter will cease and Spring will arrive. With a spring in our step, the sun will lift depression, and we all come together, and help each other, don’t be alone, friendships can solve the problems.
    David D, Broadstairs
  • I used to feel lost and alone. Then I joined Maggie’s group and everyone there made me feel at home.
  • They are the nicest people in the world.
    Hazel, Margate